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B.L.Transport Private Limited

B.L.Transport Operations at Chennai Port

The Group’s Flag Ship Company B.L.Transport is engaged in Handling Cargo like, Barytes Ore, Manganese Ore, Iron Ore Quartz, Fertilizer, Cobble Stone, Mill Scale, Salt, Gypsum Ore, Rock Phosphate, Coal, Fertilizer etc. exclusively in Export and Import operations. The Handling includes movement of Cargo from the Mines (head) of the Exporters and upto loading into the Ship and from unloading of Cargo from Ship upto delivery at Importers Yard, based on the requirement of the customers. The Group had also started handling Project Cargo for their principle customers which include both Standard and Over Dimensional Cargoes (ODC) and this operation may undertake starting from filing Bill of Entry till the delivery of the cargo at the clients site/factory. The Group also arranges transportation, customs formalities, etc. B.L.Group has achieved several Records at their credit in Chennai Port. Loading and unloading into/from the Railway Boxes by Machines is the specialty of the B.L.Group. The customer can relax after handing over of Railway Receipt/ Lorry Receipt and finally collect Bill of Lading after completion of shipment with all required documents. This Group is associated with Top Class Stevedores and C & F Agents. The Group’s fleet contains Tippers, Heavy Equipments, Poclains, Pay Loaders, JCBs, Cranes, Tubs, Grabs etc.

Equipment Involved in Operations

  • Taurus Tippers - 50

  • Pay Loaders - 35

  • JCBS - 2

  • Excavators - 13

  • Tanker Lorry - 2

  • LCV - 9

  • Jeep/Cars - 7

  • Two Wheelers -  15

  • Tubs  - 10

  • 8 Cbm Radio Remote Grabs -  9

and other sufficient minor equipment like Shackles, Tubs, etc.

Products Handled

  • Iron Ore Lumps & Fines

  • Barytes Ore

  • Gypsum

  • Manganese Ore

  • Blue Metal/ Sand

  • Cobble Stone/Granite

  • Salt

  • Coal

  • Feldsfer

  • Millscale

  • Wheat & Other Food Grains

  • Rock Phosphate & Other Fertilizers and General Cargo

Harbour Operations

The Harbour Operations are headed by a General Manager, assisted by experienced Supervisors attending the work Round the Clock throughout the year, both Exports and Imports duly controlling the vehicle movements, arranging stocks both at wharf and also at the yards. Team is fully capable of handling 3 to 4 Bulk Shipments at a time involving lakhs of tons. They are provided with 4 & 2 wheeler-vehicles and Mobile Phones etc. A Mini Dock Office is functioning inside the Harbour to facilitate easy co-ordination among staff, minor repairs to vehicles / equipment, spares / oil etc. The Group always break their own Records in Loading of Bulk Cargo at Chennai Harbour. The weighbridge also is available inside the harbour.


As the Group wants to supply all the equipments needed for the shipping operations under one roof 5 Radio Remote Grabs of 8 CBM are recently purchased which can be reduced to 6 CBM and 4 CBM respectively. The tare weight of the grabs is 8 tonnes and it can be fitted to any ship cranes with 25 tonnes and above capacity.




The B.L. Group has a fully equipped ‘Work Shop’ at Royapuram, nearer to Chennai Port to attend minor and major repairs to the machinery & equipment with qualified Engineers, Foremen, Mechanics, specially trained for different types of equipments. The “Work Shop” is headed by the Maintenance Manager who is well experienced in repairing of vehicles and equipments and the Staff work round the clock to minimize the break downs of the fleet. Utmost care is being taken to see that the customer is not put to any inconvenience and operations are carried out speedily. The “Mobile Team” will be always on move with tools and spares to attend emergency calls from vehicles / equipment either in Harbour or on Road. Facilities for urgent/minor repairs are provided at Group’s Dock Office inside the Harbour to avoid delays. The Group has their own Diesel Pump Station inside the Workshop premises at Royapuram.

B.L.Transport Private Limited Operations at Krishnapatnam Port

In the East Coast of India, Krishnapatnam Port is emerging as Port of Choice for Import and Export of cargoes and it is a Central focal point for the Southern Central Andhra Pradesh, Southern Karnataka and Northern Tamil Nadu. The Krishnapatnam Port has got all the State of the art facilities to provide high quality services to the Port users - Exporters and Importers. Besides the Port, the Government of Andhra Pradesh plans to develop a special economic zone.

The B.L. Group having vast experience in Port handling activities (both Import & Export) has established a Branch at Muthukur near Nellore, Krishnapatnam Port.

The Group have deployed the following equipments

  • Taurus vehicles - 40

  • Payloaders - 20

  • Poclains - 05

  • JCB - 03

  • Water Tanker - 01

  • Trailor - 01

  • LCV - 03

  • Jeeps - 02

  • Grabs - 05

  • Tubs - 05

Well experienced technical and administration personnels are involved in the operations to the entire satisfaction of their principals. Presently the main activities at Krishnapatnam Port are as follows:

  • Unloading the cargo from rakes at Pentapalayam Railway Station.

  • Loading into tippers and transporting to Krishnapatnam Port.

  • Unloading the cargo at plot at Krishnapatnam Port.

  • High Stacking of cargo.

  • Loading into tippers, transporting from the plot to Jetti/wharf

  • Feeding the cargo to the vessel by payloaders.

  • Documentation.

  • Stevedoring.

For import operations BL Group undertakes all the activities starting from filing Bill of Entry till the cargo is delivered at the client’s door step.

B.L.Group has established their own workshop with specialized Mechanics and also put up a Diesel Pump Station for their own use pertaining to operations at Krishnapatnam Port. The Port is expected to have around 41 berths and will be dealing in all types of cargoes like bulk, break bulk, general, oil, containers, etc. In keeping with the trends of the global scenario which is at present focused on transportation by sea. The Group is expanding their activities and investing lot of money in increasing the Fleet and Equipments suitable and required at Krishnapatnam Port for the smooth operations inorder to provide High Quality Service to their Principals. Their Motto is to provide a Single Window System where, from unloading the Cargo from tipper/railway wagons till loading into the vessel and obtaining Mate Receipt / Bill of Lading will be covered. They want to provide all the services under one roof so that the customers can have smooth sailing of their business.

Harbour Operations at Krishnapatnam

Rail Loading & Unloading

Recently Krishnapatnam Port has started unloading the rakes at Pentapalayem Station where the Iron Ore Cargo is being unloaded and subsequently transported to the Port covering a distance of 15 Kms up and down. Similarly, coal which is discharged in the Port is been transported to Pentapalayem Station for loading into wagons.

The unloading of cargo from wagons is been done by utilizing equipments like Poclains, Payloaders, etc. making the operation as semi-mechanised. The Group have sufficient labourers who work round the clock to unload the cargo and the entire lot is transported to the Port on the same day. Similarly, they will be able to load coal into wagons not less than two rakes a day.


Own workshop with all latest equipment is available nearer to Port to attend minor and major repairs, to avoid delays. Own Consumer Diesel Pump Station is available at workshop itself. Technical personnel, Engineers, Mechanics, Welders, Electricians, etc. are available round the clock.

Harbour Operations at Tuticorin

BL Group is also a leading Hawley and stevedoring agent at Tuticorin . All the stevedoring activities are started at Tuticorin port. We are Hawley coal and bulk cargo at Tuticorin on every year near 1 million tonne.